Warranty Policy

Cases of free warranty when ensuring the following conditions:


• Products with warranty period or warranty stamps and warranty cards of the company itself (fully showing information must not be erased or repaired).

• The warranty period is stated on the warranty card and according to the regulations of each manufacturer for all technical incidents.

• Products must be installed according to the instructions for use, catalogs according to the product.

• The product is damaged by components in the machine or manufacturer.


The following cases will not be free warranty:


• Products expiry of the warranty period on the warranty card, warranty stamp or handover of equipment handover.

• The warranty is not applicable to products that are faulty by the customer to be repaired by themselves (except for the case of com.vn himself) and inaccurate storage, inappropriate use , not instructing the instructions for using the product, abuse or improper hygiene with inappropriate tools.

• Do not apply warranty for products that are worn out due to use, elasticity, tear, cut, scratches, destructive insects, rust, collision, product abuse leading to joints of the product Loose products. Self -wearing accessories during use.

• Tribike.vn will check the product and decide whether the customer's reflection of the product is within the warranty power or not, if the customer's reflection is under the warranty condition, Tribike.vn will repair Or replace the defective product. Tribike.vn also has the right to decide in explaining the product quality warranty conditions in this document.

• In case the product is damaged that Tribike.vn cannot find the same material as the parts that need to be replaced, Tribike.vn will provide raw materials or components with quality and equivalent features.


Warranty period: According to the regulations of the distribution company or manufacturer.


Product warranty address at:

Quoc Long E -Commerce Company Limited

Address: Lo LKV12-4 Urban Area Royal Park, Thuy Van Ward, Hue City, Thua Thien - Hue Province, Vietnam

Email: [email protected]

Phone: 0344004222