Goods inspection, return and refund policies

Customers are allowed to inspect goods before receiving. will support returning products to customers according to the "return policy" if the product does not meet the requirements.

Cases of return:

Customers need to check the status of the goods and can exchange/return the goods right at the time of delivery/receipt in the following cases:

– The product has problems that cannot be fixed due to manufacturer errors.

– The product is not the right type and quantity as you ordered.

– The product's external condition is affected during transportation (such as peeling, breaking).

Customers are responsible for presenting relevant videos and documents proving the above deficiencies to complete the refund/exchange of goods.

General conditions and return regulations:

• Defective products are identified and recognized by our company staff as a manufacturer error.

• Full packaging, box, no scratches, dents, external damage, breakage..

• Have all accompanying documents such as receipts, invoices, delivery notes, warranty cards, catalogs...

However, for some products we will not apply the same return conditions as above. During the sales consultation process, we will specifically advise on the deadline and return method for each product. for customers to refer to when they need to buy that product.

Return time: Within 24 hours of receiving the product in case the product is missing or broken.

Product return time: Within 02 days from when the customer receives the product.

Product return location: Customers can bring the product directly to our office/store or send the product by mail.

Refund fee: the refund fee will be completely paid by if the error belongs to the company.

Form of refund: Will replace the product for the customer. In case there is no longer that product in stock, the company commits to refund 100% of the fee that the customer has paid to us through the following forms: : cash at the company or transfer to customers.

Please contact 0344004222. or email: [email protected] for the fastest solution.